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How can I run some code after changing state with React hooks?

December 05, 2020

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Running some code after changing state is a common desire. Let’s look at how to do that with hooks.

Method 1 - useEffect hook

The first and most commonly used method to run a function after updating state is the useEffect hook. useEffect runs its function only when the items in the dependency array change. Sounds pretty spot on for what we want huh? Let’s see it in action:

const [name, setName] = useState('John Doe');
useEffect(() => {
  // run something every time name changes
}, [name]); // <-- dependency array

Pretty simple, every time name changes, we’ll run the function, which console.logs the name out.

Method 2 - useReducer hook

When you find yourself needing more complex state updates, where updating one item of state affects another item of state, you can reach for useReducer.

What if we had a status, and wanted to save a history of the last 10 statuses? Because the history relies on changes to the status, useReducer would be a good choice here. Let’s see it in action:


const reducer = (state, action) => {
  const { status, history } = state;
  const { type, newStatus } = action;

  switch (type) {
    case CHANGE_STATE:
      let newHistory = [...history, status];
      if (newHistory.length > 10) {
      return { status: newStatus, history: newHistory };
      return { status, history: [] };
      return state;

export const StatusHistory = () => {
  const [state, dispatch] = useReducer(reducer, {
    status: 'stopped',
    history: []
  const start = () => dispatch({ type: CHANGE_STATE, newStatus: 'started' });
  const finish = () => dispatch({ type: CHANGE_STATE, newStatus: 'finished' });
  const clear = () => dispatch({ type: CLEAR_HISTORY });

  return (
      <p>Current status: {state.status}</p>
        { => (
      <button onClick={start}>Start it</button>
      <button onClick={finish}>Finish it</button>
      <button onClick={clear}>Clear History</button>

Hopefully, this has shown you two options for running code after changing state with React hooks.

tl;dr - if the state (and code to run) is simple, you can go with useEffect. If you’ve got multiple items of state that need to be updated based on changes, go with useReducer.

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