Starting something new

Over the last month or two, I've started something new. I've started a new blog over at

I started the blog because after 6 wonderful years at The University of Queensland, I'll be moving on to new things at the end of March.

My team has traditionally used quite a "safe" stack of Symfony and Backbone.js, so to learn all the modern tools, methods and libraries, and to ensure my skills are up to date, I need to do it on my own time. So what better way than to blog about it?

So who's it for? I'm writing for someone like me. Maybe they're a PHP dev who doesn't get to use the coolest, newest stuff at work, but is still keen to try new things. They want to ensure their skills are up to date, and future proof their web development career.

It's early days yet, but I've already got a couple posts about using webpack with Symfony (via Webpack Encore) to build and use React components within Twig, and a "reader question" about why it might be time to hang up the dollar sign and ditch jQuery.

I'll probably cross post back here occasionally, but I'd love it if you drop over to Modern JS for PHP Devs and have a read!

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